Certified LEED Platinum
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Valverde Commons – Taos, New Mexico

The Rose Zaring Residence is a Certified LEED Platinum Project for which Alan Powell was Design Consultant. All aspects of LEED verification and planning for meeting LEED requirements were part of the Project. The Clients were focused on an Energy Efficient, LEED compliant Sustainable Home that was inviting and liveable. The Project is a Testament to their determination and consistent efforts to best serve the earth we inhabit and to provide an endearing space to enjoy.

Included were other Design aspects which included: Windows, Exterior Details, Interior Door Design and Fabrication, Cabinets and Fabrication, Painted Finishes, Built in Cabinets, Curved Trim, Curved Cabinets, all other Trim and most satisfying was the Lighting.

Hallway Includes Curved Cabinet, Trim, Door, Lighting

Gas Stove with Television Cabinet and Lighting Plan